Victoria and Ross’s wedding decorating and hire service provided by us here at TWP was a beautiful blend of rustic romance and modern, industrial vibes! The couple chose Coogee Beach SLSC as their venue.  The venue’s natural, beach environment wored perfectly with manzanita trees and a stunning floral design. From the icecream bar to deck chairs as a gift table, the couple let their personalities shine in their reception offerings!

Photographer James Simmons captured every moment of Victoria and Ross’s wedding beautifully. Their breathtaking couple portrait session was by the old Fremantle Power Station.

What do we want our day to look like? vs. What do we want our day to feel like?

Having a Pinterest wedding can be good and gorgeous, but even those Pinterest details should be based in what you love as a couple. The wedding decor inspiration we share here on TWP is all meant to spark your inspiration. You will find the things you want to include in your own day. Things that other couuples have used but they really resonate with you too!

Before picking your colour palette or deciding on a ceremony backdrop, create a mood board inspired by a list of words you want your wedding to feel like. Words like intimate, wild, elegant, adventurous, timeless are a good starting place.

So what does ‘us’ mean?

When you are working with a wedding designer, and you tell them that you want your wedding to feel like “us,” it’s important that you know what that feels like. As you’re describing your wedding, find words you would use to describe you as people and as a couple, too.

Last but not least, don’t forget to think about the things you love doing together.  That you can incorporate  into your day! Is coffee the lifeline of your relationship? Do you spend all your time loving on your fur baby? Do you frequent record stores and make each other playlists? These are all details that can be included in your wedding in some way that helps it feel like you!

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Let us style you!

“Mariana did an incredible job helping us create the wedding we wanted and coming up with lots of creative ideas along the way. Her attention to detail was fantastic with guests commenting on how beautiful the venue looked throughout the wedding. Thank you Mariana for making the whole process easy and fun and for creating a beautiful end result. We both really appreciate it and it wouldn’t have been the same without you!”

-Victoria Green (Bride)